Looking Good on a Budget

Looking Good on a Budget

Maintaining good looks on a budget is no easy task. While many people might like to exist in fantasy land and believe that all of the good-looking people on television are just naturally gifted, you know better that people put hard work into looking good. It takes hours of exercise, meal-planning, and grooming to execute a stunning look. All of that is much more easily achievable if you have the financial means to devote those endeavors. What happens when you are on a strict budget but still want to look good, though?

You’ll need to work extra hard to make everything come together if you are living on a budget. Try cooking at home to save money on eating out. If you thrived on juicing before, it’s time to step up and invest in a juicer. Sure, being on a budget you might think it’s a splurge to spend money on a juicer, but you’ll save money in just a month or two if you figure that a juice drink a day costs two or three hundred dollars in just as much time. When it comes to exercise, it may be time to invest in a home gym. Look to ways you can emulate gym equipment at home, either by building your own equipment or doing exercises that just use your own body weight to achieve similar results. A monthly gym membership of $30-50 will hit your budget hard if you are bootstrapping.

When it comes to nails though, it’s hard to bite back at that habit. The last thing you want to do when going out for an interview is having raggedy nails that are poorly polished. If you want to keep your nails in top form, you can still head into a salon on occasion, you just need to know where to look. Check out Chicago Nail Salons to find the best deals in your area. You’ll be surprised to know that at many of these salons you can get a professional job done for $20 or less. That’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing your nails are professionally done.

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